Getting an MBA requires a significant investment of time, money, and hard work—even the MBA application can take up to a year! But obtaining your MBA can accelerate your business career, leading to management and leadership opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise received. As a matter of fact, 94.4% of MBA applicants consider changing industries after earning their MBA, and 71.1% see themselves in a senior leadership position.

MBA management

Whether you choose a part-time, full-time, or executive MBA program, you'll learn new skills and build a network that will put you on track for management success. Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the great benefits of an MBA program below:

1. You'll learn (and perfect) effective styles of communication.

From writing papers to giving group presentations to drafting business proposals, an MBA will give you the experience you need to perfect all of the communication methods used by business leaders every day, across industries and positions. 

2. You'll learn how to collaborate and work as a team.

Leadership isn’t just about making decisions for other people—it’s about making sure every member of your team contributes to the group's goals. Businesses are about collaboration, and MBA programs will give you the tools to build successful teams and work with your peers effectively. You'll learn when to make tough decisions, when to solicit feedback, and when to defer to others. 

3. You'll learn about different industries and explore diverse opportunities.

MBA programs can fast-track students into industries seeking MBA graduates with specific management skills. Over the course of your degree, you'll network with professors, alumni, industry leaders, and, of course, fellow classmates—and with connections like these, entering a new industry (especially competitive ones like consulting and finance) will be easier than ever. 

4. You'll acquire skills you didn't on the job or as an undergraduate. 

Never had a chance to learn accounting, or consulting, or entrepreneurship? MBA programs are incubators for acquiring skills you'd otherwise only be able to learn through years of experience. MBA coursework and internship opportunities will help you become an expert in your industry or field in just a few years. 

5. You'll be offered more management and leadership opportunities. 

Perhaps the most compelling reason so many students pursue MBAs each year? MBA graduates are more likely to be offered management and leadership opportunities. That means earlier promotions, more job offers, and higher salaries, especially in competitive fields. MBA programs aren't just for professionals who aspire to leadership positions—they're for future leaders. 

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