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“One of the top business schools in Atlanta,” Georgia State University offers a cosmopolitan MBA to a diverse student body. Catering to a range of urban professionals, the school offers several distinct MBA tracks. For those with busy careers, the Flexible MBA is an evening and weekend program, which allows up to five years for completion. Another popular choice, the PMBA, is also designed for working professionals; however, this program is a two-year cohort-based degree, which moves quickly and maximizes networking opportunities with classmates. In addition to these two programs, the school offers an Executive MBA for seasoned managers, as well as a full-time program with major overseas components, called the Global Partners MBA. With evening classes at “multiple locations” in Atlanta, the majority of Georgia State’s MBA programs give students “the flexibility to remain employed full time throughout the curriculum.”

Georgia State’s MBA provides a “strong background in general business areas, while allowing you to focus on your area of interest” through electives and study abroad. “Professors are a mix of experienced professionals and long-tenured educators,” who are “extremely knowledgeable” and able to “make complicated concepts understandable and relevant.” Teaching working professionals, professors excel at “staying up to date with current business trends, from global to local.” Just as importantly, “the business school learning environment depends heavily on your classmates’ experiences.” Since “many of the students have ten-plus years of relevant work experience,” students are pleased to find that their “classmates bring good industry knowledge to discussions.”

Keeping up with classes and professional life is definitely a challenge for many MBA students, as “the program moves at a very fast pace.” At the same time, the “PMBA isn’t as intense or competitive as some full-time programs because everyone is working full time.” Helping to streamline the experience, “the administration is very involved” with students, and it “has perfected making the process easy” on busy working professionals. Staff handles most of the paperwork, so “students don’t have to do any of the ‘administrative’ tasks, like registering or ordering books.” “PMBA facilities are top notch,” located on a number of convenient satellite campuses in Atlanta.

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Applicants: 261
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Average Undergrad GPA 3.21
Years Work Experience: 6
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