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Students at Howard University School of Business feel confident that their degree will earn them the right position after graduation. Job placement is one of the school’s greatest strengths, and “with the economy in the state that it is, it is imperative that you attend a university that will help you get employment.” An education at Howard provides students with “access to top-level managers within the business world and… out-of-class preparedness for the real world of business.” “The school has a far-reaching network and reputation, and also provides opportunities to its students that are on par with top 20 MBA programs.”

Many know Howard University as the “most prestigious African American University in the country.” Being a part of the school’s “strong legacy” is important to many and also a source of pride to carry the Howard “brand name.” The School of Business “provides a wealth of opportunities to students,” and perhaps some of the “best opportunities for minority students.” “From CEO lectures, Fortune 500 companies recruiting daily on campus, and various opportunities abroad, the program is able to provide a well-rounded MBA experience.”

“Howard University School of Business is a very unique learning environment.” “Everyone in the program is striving for excellence.” A student explains the value of her classmate’s energy and excitement towards learning. “I look forward to every class because it’s…intellectually stimulating.” Intimate classes add to the quality of learning and overall strength of the program. “Due to the size of the program the students are extremely close and supportive.” High quality learning is possible thanks to professors that are “extremely personable and more than willing to go out of their way to assist students.” Outside of classes, professors “are always approachable and are actively interested in how their subject directly relates to the students internships and future career goals so they can do their best to prepare students for their bright futures.”

Thankfully, the obstacle of cost is surpassed for many here as “Howard provides a significant amount of financial assistance to its students.” “When you consider that some high-performing students are able to earn half or full tuition coverage, there is even more value added to the degree.” “The academic experience can be difficult to balance at times as most students are involved in some form of extracurricular activities.” What makes all the hard work and money Howard students spend worthwhile are the “high returns expected from the investment.” With all the “access to networks and recruiters, and global travel opportunities, the program does deliver considerable value for an MBA.”

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Applicants: 82
Acceptance Rate: 46%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.10
Years Work Experience: 3.5
Average Age: 27



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