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Saginaw Valley State University, located in University Center, Michigan, just outside of Saginaw, appeals to many prospective students because of its “good reputation,” “large number of international students,” “fair tuition,” and “accredited program.” Factors such as “small class size” and the fact that SVSU is “close to home” are also received well by a large portion of the student body. According to one student, “I was looking for a different perspective than the one I received while getting my BBA at the University of Michigan—one that considers small business.” A solid faculty and administrative staff help provide these different perspectives. Like any other accredited graduate institution, students’ feedback indicates that some professors are “great,” while “others are horrible.” But as one sales and marketing students tells us, “the professors and administration staff continue to teach and learn business practices that shape the students of the MBA program. They have consistently encouraged effective teamwork, communication, entrepreneurialism, and globalization.” “Administration has made things very easy for most MBA candidates,” another student assures us, and overall are “pretty supportive when you have other work requirements,” such as a full-time job in addition to your studies.SVSU offers degree programs and concentrations in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, leadership/management, and marketing. An elective course in sustainability practices is also offered, which explores and analyzes the use, development, and implementation of alternate energy strategies for sustainable business projects.

Cost-effectiveness is also something many SVSU students praise and makes the school particularly appealing for recent undergrads looking to pursue graduate work without the hassle of relocating. One newly enrolled MBA candidate tells us, “I completed my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at SVSU and had a good experience while there. Furthermore, the cost of the MBA at SVSU is significantly cheaper than elsewhere.” Compared to the estimated “$80,000 to complete your degree at U of Michigan,” a similar degree from SVSU will run you about “$20,000,” and “both degrees are accredited.”

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Applicants: 105
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Average Age: 29



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