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Among the many allures of the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor is that the school offers “a great environment both academically and socially.” One student explains, “It has the social, fun atmosphere of any Big Ten university, but most people are still incredibly focused on their studies. It’s great to be at a place where there is always something to do, but your friends completely understand when you have to stay in and get work done.” With “an amazing honors program,” a “wide range of travel-abroad opportunities,” and “research strength” all available “at a low cost,” it’s no wonder students tell us that UM “provides every kind of opportunity at all times to all people.” Academically, Michigan “is very competitive, and the professors have high academic standards for all the students.” In fact, some here insist that “Michigan is as good as Ivy League schools in many disciplines.” Standout offerings include business (“We have access to some of the brightest leaders” in the business world, students report), a “great engineering program,” and “a good undergraduate program for medical school preparation.” Those seeking add-on academic experiences here will find “a vast amount of resources. Internships, career opportunities, tutoring, community service projects, a plethora of student organizations, and a wealth of other resources” are all available, but “you need to make the first move” because no one “will seek you out.”

Student Body

The Michigan student body “is hugely diverse,” which “is one of the things Michigan prides itself on.” “If you participate in extracurricular activities and make an effort to get to know other students in class and elsewhere, you’ll definitely end up with a pretty diverse group of friends,” undergrads assure us. Although varied, students tend to be similar in that they “are social but very academically driven.” A number of students “are on the cutting edge of both research and progressive thinking,” and there is a decided liberal tilt to campus politics. Even so, there’s a place for everyone here, because “there are hundreds of mini-communities within the campus, made of everything from service fraternities to political organizations to dance groups. If you have an interest, you can find a group of people who enjoy the same thing.”

Campus Life

Michigan is a huge university, meaning that students have endless extracurricular options here. One explains: “If you seek it out, you can find organizations for any interest. There are always people out there who share your interests. That’s part of the benefit of 50,000-plus students!” There is a robust party scene. Students tell us that “most students go to house parties [or] hit the bars.” There’s also a vigorous social scene for the nondrinking crowd, with “great programs like UMix…phenomenal cultural opportunities in Ann Arbor especially music and movies,” and “the hugely popular football Saturdays. The sense of school spirit here is impressive.” Michigan students tend to be both academically serious and socially outgoing, which “is great because you can have a stimulating conversation with someone one day, and, the next day, be watching a silly movie or playing video games with this person.”

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