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Washington University’s stellar MBA program “has a reputation for academic excellence without a hyper-competitive atmosphere.” The small class sizes really allow for a “community based learning experience, [both] in and out of the classroom.” Additionally, Olin affords students a “large degree of flexibility in course selection” and many “credits can be electives.” Ultimately, this “provides students with a lot of freedom to design their own path.” Further, most MBA candidates highlight both the finance and entrepreneurship programs as especially strong.

Just as essential, Olin manages to attract (and retain) “very friendly and smart” professors who are quite “approachable and…willing to spend time talking with you and discussing about current trends in business.” Indeed, they “are generally very interested in individuals outside of their presence in the classroom, and they are even willing to share contacts with past students if a connection can be made.”

For the most part, students have had positive interactions with the administration as well. A second-year shares, “The administration and staff [are] very engaging and willing to help out wherever possible…Every challenge I have faced was resolved within a week.” A content peer chimes in, “The school’s administration and faculty met and exceeded my expectations. They strive to make the program an individualized experience: one where you feel as though you, as an individual, have the potential to bring significant value to the program, the classroom, and the Olin community.” Finally, a first-year student succinctly summarizes, “The overall academic experience has been phenomenal.”

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Applicants: 806
Acceptance Rate: 28%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.60
Years Work Experience: 4.7
Average Age: 29



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