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Ask any students at this Catholic-affiliated liberal arts university, and they’ll tell you that “one of Ambrose’s best features is the caring faculty and staff.” “The professors are extremely accessible,” a freshman explains. “Most of mine have even given the class their home and cell phone numbers in case we cannot reach them in the office. They are willing to help you in any way academically and otherwise.” Students say that faculty accessibility is enhanced by “the small class sizes,” which guarantee that undergrads enjoy plenty of “one-on-one contact with their teachers.” Some undergrads admit that while they are “sometimes challenged by classes,” they have “never been overwhelmed.” Students also report that “the administration has a fairly good handle” on things and “tries to be accessible.” Ultimately, students leave happy; one satisfied elementary education major says, “Coming to Ambrose was one of the best choices I have ever made.”

Student Body

SAU is a mix of “traditional” and “nontraditional” students as well as “kids from Chicago” and “rural kids.” That’s part of the Ambrose charm; “Everyone gets along really well, regardless of background.” Students do concede, however, that “diversity and cultural experience is lacking.” But a junior opines that this “is not necessarily due to a lack of tolerance, but rather a lack of opportunity and exposure.” As you would expect, the school maintains “a strong [Catholic] presence”---though an undergrad is quick to point out that “many other religions are represented as well.” Overall, the student body includes “punks, jocks, preps, partiers,” and many others that defy categorization. But in true Midwestern style, they’re all connected by a “down-to-earth” attitude and a willingness “to help someone out at any time.”

Campus Life

Here’s an easy breakdown of life at SAU: “People are generally either academic-focused or party-scene-focused.” According to many students, St. Ambrose draws “students that like to live it up.” “There are always parties to go to---in the dorms or in the student houses surrounding the school.” But, says a freshman, “You can go and you don’t have to drink. People . . . respect your decision.” As for good, clean fun, “There is actually a board that comes up with activities to do that are usually free. For example, there is something to do every Wednesday night and most weekends they bring in guest singers, comedians, etc.” SAU’s home turf is Davenport, Iowa, which gets a bad rap because it “does not cater to college students” by offering “cheap, alternative activities.” Scour the full terrain of the Quad Cities, though, and you’ll find “art galleries, museums, clubs, movies, and much more.”

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Rogalski Center (Student Union)
Wellness Center
St. Vincent Fields
Galvin Fine Arts Building

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Vander Veer Park
Showcase Cinemas
TaxSlayer Center
North Park or South Park Mall
Modern Woodman Park

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Overnight Dorm Stays

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taxi, bus, QC airport

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https://www.sau.edu/about-sau/our-location Welcome Center is located on the corner on Locust St. and Harrison St.


Applicants: 3,394
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Average HS GPA: 3.32



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